Bryan bh2
Full Name Bryan Regis Harrisworth III
Nickname The Beast of Hall 22
Age 17
Height 6' 6"
Weight 250 lbs.
Ethnicity Unknown
Birthplace United States
Class Senior
Element Electricity
Fighting Style Self-Taught
Characteristics Psychotic
Known Relatives Principal (father)
Debut Battle High: San Bruno
Other Appearances Battle High: Elemental Revolt

Battle High 2
Battle High 2 A+

Voice Actor Steven W. Hunt

Bryan is a student at San Bruno High School. He debuted as a playable character in Battle High: San Bruno.


San Bruno/Elemental RevoltEdit

Bryan was a mysterious kid who just wanted to be left alone, but didn't stop the bullies at his other school though, bullies who constantly antagonized him with cruel names and incessant teasing. Then, one day Bryan discovered he was an elemental, able to control electricity, and with his new found power, he made all of those who made fun of him paid -- tenfold. After the awful incident, Bryan was detained for years in a mental institution for elementals. He endured years of treatment and medication. On his 17th birthday, it was believed he was well enough to re-enter society; however, nothing was further from the truth. Now, he lurks in the darkened halls of San Bruno, wearing a white hockey mask, terrorizing any students who may cross his path.

Battle High 2Edit

After his defeat at the hands of Arvid, the self-proclaimed superhero of San Bruno, Bryan returned to the shadows, ending his reign of terror on his peers. When the new principal was elected and began making announcing over the school's intercom, Bryan couldn't help but feel his voice was familiar. Something about it made Bryan recall painful childhood memories. Annoyed by this, Bryan decides to investigate the mysterious, new principal in the hopes to discover something about his past.