Heavyweight bh2
Full Name Christopher Morgann
Nickname Heavyweight, H.W.
Age 18
Height 6' 11"
Weight 189 lbs.
Ethnicity American
Birthplace United States
Class Senior
Element Fire
Fighting Style Boxing
Characteristics Rational, honorable, loyal
Known Relatives none
Debut Battle High: Team-Up
Other Appearances Battle High: San Bruno

Battle High: Elemental Revolt
Battle High 2
Battle High 2 A+

Voice Actor Steven W. Hunt

H.W. is one of the few characters that has appeared in every game thus far.


Battle High: Team-UpEdit

He seeks neither fame nor glory. A fight is what he wants. A fight is what he will get.

Battle High: San Bruno/Elemental RevoltEdit

Christopher Morgann, or Heavyweight to friends, was an aspiring football star who dreamed of getting a scholarship for college and be the first in his family to do so. Beofre entering his senior year of high school though, it was discovered that Chris was a powerful, fire elemental. Since elementals weren't allowed to participate in college sports because of the advantage their powers could grant, all of his hopes and dreams were vanquished. Upon being transferred to San Bruno, Chris's size and elemental skills drew the attention of "The Rivals" rather quickly, and he was asked to join. He accepted, becoming Shinji's bodyguard and right-hand peer.

Battle High 2Edit

Christopher Morgann, or Heavyweight to most, wasn't discouraged when The Rivals were disbanded by Shinji's loss to his brother, Jiro. He was still friends with Shinji, a bit distraught to see his friend spiral into the depression he did; however, when peers began losing their powers, Heavyweight became intrigued. He never asked for his powers and often wish he could leave this school of elementals and be normal again. He investigates in the hopes he can lose his once and for all.