Jada bh2
Full Name Jada Hemsley
Nickname none
Age 16
Height 5' 5"
Weight 100 lbs.
Ethnicity American
Birthplace California
Class Junior
Element Electricity
Fighting Style Kung Fu
Characteristics Stoic, wise, calm
Known Relatives none
Debut Battle High 2
Other Appearances Battle High 2 A+
Voice Actor Danielle McRae

Jada is a character who debuted in Battle High 2.


Battle High 2Edit

Ever since she discovered her powers in elementary school, Jada was a precocious and skilled elemental able to control electricity with ease. While showing off her powers in middle school, however, Jada blinded herself. Once getting over her disability and learning to use her powers to see in a different way, Jada found a new purpose in life. She wanted to help elemental youth learn to control their powers. After witnessing the fight between Jiro and Khai, Jada decides she has to help Khai, believing the path he was headed would only lead to tragedy.