Khai bh2
Full Name Khai Phong
Nickname none
Age 17
Height 6' 1"
Weight 170 lbs.
Ethnicity Vietnamese
Birthplace Vietnam
Class Junior
Element Water
Fighting Style Muay Thai
Characteristics Arrogant, rash, hard-headed
Known Relatives Mai (sister)
Debut Battle High: San Bruno
Other Appearances Battle High: Elemental Revolt

Battle High 2
Battle High 2 A+

Voice Actor Max Petrosky

Khai is a character who debuted in Battle High: San Bruno.


Battle High: San Bruno/Elemental RevoltEdit

Khai Phong is a powerful, acquatic elemental from San Bruno who loves a good fight and challenge; however, after fighting Jiro Ozawa and losing, he became obsessed with defeating him. He trained for hours, neglecting most of his school work and loved ones; however, when Khai learned his younger sister, Mai, had joined "The Rivals" and was dating its leader, Shinji Ozawa, his focus shifted. Not only does he desire to defeat Jiro, but he feels he must project his sister from the gang leader as well, and so he now continues to train and fight with a new purpose.

Battle High 2Edit

Khai felt like he was on top of the world. He had finally defeated his rival, Jiro, and his sister, Mai, was no longer dating Shinji. This feeling didn't last long though as he returned to his training, knowing there were stronger opponents out there, and he wanted to be ready. Like before, his grades suffered, but he didn't care despite the continued pleas from his sister. Not even students becoming ill and losing their elemental abilities scares Khai as he continues his obsessive training regiment. Only losing at the hands of someone stronger than him could give him pause.