Klein bh2
Full Name Klein Zauber
Nickname none
Age 16
Height 6' 1"
Weight 155 lbs.
Ethnicity German
Birthplace Germany
Class Junior
Element Air
Fighting Style Self-taught
Characteristics Mischevious, arrogant
Known Relatives Grandfather
Debut Battle High 2
Other Appearances Battle High 2 A+
Voice Actor Tim Sutton

Klein is a character who debuted in Battle High 2.


Klein, like his grandfather, loved magic. As he grew older, however, his love of magic took a darker turn as he began to love tricks, deceit, and rumors from the very innocent to the rather severe. Upon hearing that students began becoming ill and losing their elemental abilities, Klein decided to start spreading horrific rumors to put the student body in a panic. More so, he became irritated by the self- appointed hero, Arvid, wondering how he could best antagonize him just for the sheer fun of it.