Principal bh2
Full Name Frederick Regisworth

(Changed from Bryan Regis Harrisworth II)

Nickname Principal
Age 48
Height 6' 1"
Weight 286 lbs.
Ethnicity English
Birthplace Unknown
Class N/A
Element Psychic
Fighting Style Unknown
Characteristics Arrogant, power-hungry
Known Relatives Bryan (son)
Debut Battle High 2
Other Appearances Battle High 2 A+
Voice Actor Adam Winters

Principal is the final "Bonus Boss" of Battle High 2. In order to fight him, players need to beat their character's Rival Boss with 2,500,000,000 or more points. He is unlocked for play in all modes after defeat.


Battle High 2Edit

The newly elected principal of San Bruno was not alway in education; he was originally a renowned chemical engineer studying the properties of elemental abilities. He theorized that there was a sixth element which he dubbed the "Psychic" element. Many of his colleagues laughed at him, but he soon discovered it, however, no matter what he did, the element was only temporary. After a devastating act of misconduct ruined his career and marriage, he changed his name and began a career in education. Promising to end the streak of violence at San Bruno, he was elected the new head principal with little opposition; however, his true intentions are far more sinister, for San Bruno holds the key to make the psychic element permanent and in turn, make him the most powerful being on the planet!